This company has set up a great and fast way to do business. I enjoy the way I can just make an offer on a stone, and don't have to worry about haggling over the price. Either it's accepted or not. I've had three of my offers accepted, and all of the diamonds were in good shape. I definitely recommend.

Tzaly / Robert Kline

I have been hearing about Diamond Lighthouse for a while now but just started working with them a couple weeks ago. They sell diamonds they receive from the public at very low prices. Working with them is very easy. They call me to tell me about their current diamonds and if I like the sound of one, they show it to me in person. If the seller accepts my offer, I receive the diamond as soon as I send them payment. I like working with them because it's a very quick, simple way to buy diamonds at a good price.

Chili / Ideal Brilliant

I knew Abe from Diamond Lighthouse from the time he worked for Diamond Dynamics and had very good experience with him. I was a little skeptical when he first told me about the new company, but when he sent me an email about a stone they had, I decided it wouldn't hurt to have a look. I was surprised to see it was very good quality. I made an offer just to test it out, and not too long after, they told me my offer was accepted. So my initial skepticism was proved wrong! I am interested to see more from them.

Ruban / Luster Gems

My experience in dealing with Diamond Lighthouse has been a very good one. I've purchased two items from them. Both times I placed a bid and my bid was accepted rather quickly (the first time after one day, the other was about three days total). I'm happy with the merchandise I have received so far, and look forward to seeing what they have to offer next.

Boruch / Isaac Davidowits LLC

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