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Our established sales team including Josh BarHorin and Abe Fried will update you - an elite network of carefully chosen jewelry vendors - about new arrivals, and offer a varied selection of quality diamonds that you would be unable to access elsewhere. No longer is there a need to deal directly with the public, searching for a specific diamond. We make it easy, simple and painless for you. We provide you with our currently available diamonds which have been expertly valuated at a reasonable price, without the hassle.

Mo Lax

CEO and President of Diamond Dynamics and Diamond Lighthouse

As the son of Diamond Dynamics founder Chaim Lax, Mo was immersed in the world of diamonds from an early age. His love of diamonds developed over the years, watching his father buy, sell, cut and polish diamonds. At twenty years old, Mo then started accompanying his father to Antwerp to buy rough diamonds.

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Abe Fried

VP of Sales

In 2001 Abe chose to follow his father and grandfather's footsteps and moved into the diamond industry. He is a GIA certified gemologist and has been a proud member of the Diamond Dynamics (Diamond Lighthouse's parent company) team for 13 years. In January 2009 he was promoted to Sales Manager, and has been developing great relationships with a wide network of diamond dealers and jewelry manufactures ever since. Abe is regarded as one of the top diamond dealers working in the field today, with expertise on all sides of the industry. With Diamond Lighthouse, he has assumed the role of Vice President of Sales. Here he ensures that Diamond Lighthouse's network of diamond dealers and jewelers gain access to an impressive and ever growing selection of certified and uncertified stones.

Norberto Hernandez

Lead Gemologist

Norby's career in the gem field includes employment at the GIA GTL New York Laboratory as a Staff Gemologist, and as a Diamond Wholesaler/Gemologist. Having worked in the industry since 2002, he is skilled in assessing not only clear diamonds but also fancy colored diamonds. At Diamond Lighthouse Norby is the lead gemologist, helping to merge the technical aspects of the gem world with impeccable business practices. He is ensuring and continuing the success that Diamond Lighthouse is enjoying by providing expert, industry approved evaluations and reporting on our expanding inventory.

Chaim Lax

Founder of Diamond Dynamics and Former CEO

Diamond Dynamics was founded in 1993 by diamond cutter Chaim Lax. Chaim began his diamond business career at the young age of eighteen where he developed an uncanny intuition for unlocking the secrets of a gemstone, yielding each diamond’s utmost value. At the age of twenty, Chaim became known as one of the most skilled diamond cutters in New York.

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