How It Works

Diamond Lighthouse is a trusted place where the public comes to sell their diamonds.

Our goal is to get the seller a premium price for their jewelry while providing you with the opportunity to purchase them reasonably under market. Once we receive diamonds from a seller, one of our expert gemologists provides a full evaluation of the stones. If they meet our standards, we bring them to market. Our network of dealers then bids on the diamonds, we inform the seller, and the highest bids are chosen. Once the seller accepts an offer, and your payment is cleared, we will send you the item via a fully insured, secure package, no later than two business days, or if you are local to our office, we will personally deliver it. The only profit that Diamond Lighthouse makes is a set commission off the final sale, which the seller covers. There is no fee for you, the buyer, at all.

Item Retrieval and Evaluation

When we receive an item from someone looking to sell, one of our GIA trained gemologists will complete a valuation of the item. Read More

They will create a report verifying the diamond's color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and fluorescence. We will also capture clear images of the item.

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We post the item on our online marketplace and provide a detailed description along with images and the evaluation report produced by our gemologists. Read More

We also include a GIA certificate if one was provided or any other relevant documents. If you are local to New York, you can schedule an appointment to come to our office and review the item.

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Place Bids

You respond to our Diamond Update emails with your bids. We will inform you promptly when you have been outbid. Read More

You are able to make new bids until the bidding period is over. We will also quickly let you know when you have won an auction.

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If you provide the highest bid and the seller accepts, you win the auction. Congratulations! After the bid is finalized and approved by the seller, you will pay for the item either by check or bank wire. Read More

Once payment is received, the item will be sent to you no later than 2 business days. We ship the item via FedEx, fully insured and overnight.

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Learn About Our Selling Program!

We offer the opportunity for our buyers to be sellers as well. If you have off-market items priced-to-sell that you are holding on to, we may accept them at a reduced commission.

The option for this is at our discretion. For more information, please contact


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